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Villa Azuro


Het weather

The climate is the entire year generous in Gundogan.  Despite the high temperatures in the summer, is the very pleasant through the low relative damp in combination with the cooling breeze that there is always well.  The defense click to look at here of today.

  jan feb mrt apr mei jun jul aug sept okt nov dec
max temp 14 14 17 20 25 30 33 33 29 24 19 15
temp min 7 7 8 11 15 19 21 21 19 15 11 9
zonuren 5 7 7 8 10 12 12 11 10 8 6 5
Vocht% 67 63 64 68 65 55 57 61 59 59 68 71
mm neerslag 248 166 100 46 32 10 2 3 14 68 132 260
neerslag dagen 10 10 10 10 8 4 1 2 2 6 10 13


There is many to do on the peninsula. Everything lies on a maximum distance of 30 minutes.  A grip of activities:

  • Sail (sail hunt, catamaran, gulet)
  • kitesurfen (two good spots as well for beginners as for profs).  Material is to be rented
  • windsurfen (much is practiced because of the good spots).  Also here in abundance material to rent
  • jetskiing, wakeboarding, banana-rding, etc.  (to do on only 5 minutes course distance)
  • playing golf (there are several golf clubs, of 5 until 18 hole, divided over the peninsula)
  • dive (Bodrum stands known round its underwater flora and the many ship wrecks)
  • horse riding (among accompaniment the mountains in where you nobody meets)
  • fitnessen (fitness spaces to use in the surrounding hotels)
  • waterfun park (lies on 20 minutes. ride direction Bodrum)
  • fishing (as well possible from a pier, but also with a boat)
  • walk ride a bicycle shop (o. a. wandelroutes through the surrounding olive and citrusboomgaarden)
  • fietsen (as well over the way as a journey through the mountains)
  • shopping (Bodrum is THE place to go!)
  • visit a real Turkish haman
  • sparkling night life in Gumbet and Bodrum (the largest open air disco of Europe was found of in Bodrum) as well the fames clubs (as Blue Marlin and Nikki Beach) are close located. 

An extensive map with all activities (location activities and possible contact phone numbers) lies clearly in every villa.  Also was found the best (fish) restaurants, the most beautiful outbound occasions, the unique spots in these etc. 

In short, you do not need, but if you want do or to see something, we have made the preparations for you.


Gundogan, that former Farilya was named, is one of the most old settlements on Bodrum at the Aegeische sea.  The name Gundogan besides not more applicable had chosen can become: the state for the rise of the sun. 

Characterizing for the seaside resort its the striking green and the beach that self extends over 750 meters.  The beach, that consists of sand, fine gravel, pebbles and even grass, gets yet more glow through a pleasant harbor.  The waterrecreant can take advantage of the many scaffolding in sea.  The coast of Gundogan has the appreciation 'blue flag'.  This means an international symbol for a goedbewaarde surroundings, although sea and beach, good groomed beaches and a high quality of service. 

Along the bay, the so-called promenade of Gundogan was found of.  These self lends can be interrupted for a lovely walk, that by a visit at a by the (Turkish) restaurants, stores and bars.  Also you can walk direction the center of Gundogan.  Large stores have not been established here, but for souvenirs, you are it well at the right address.  For the real shoppen is a trip at to Bodrum to guess, that with the known Dolmus on a half hour ride lies. 

Gundogan is only 30 minutes of the airport Milas (Bodrum).  The route-description from the airport to the villa becomes provide you for departure.

Villa Azuro gekozen als één van de beste villa's in Turkije

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